African Moringa use in Today's Facial Skincare

Updated: Sep 17, 2020


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One morning I woke up to my daughter sending me information on a plant she found in Africa. THE MORINGA PLANT!! She sent me pictures of her research at a local village in Abidjan, Corte D’ivoire, West Africa where they were manufacturing soap with the Moringa plant. She was very excited and I caught that excited bug as well. Both her and I may have different ideas of what beauty is but we have the exact same ideas of what is truly healthy for skin. I immediately listened and researched further. When she traveled home she brought us some samples that were made by these locals. I WAS HOOKED!!

What I learned was that the Moringa plant has antioxidant properties, anti inflammatory properties, Vitamins A, C, And E. It contains multiple compounds such as tocopherols (anticancer agents in Vitamin E). All of these are amazing for facial care but can also be ingested. My favorite facial treatment products are also products that I can eat because I KNOW if it is safe for my insides then it'll be safe for my outsides as well.

So what does all this help with??? I am glad you asked. It helps with breakouts. The Vitamin A helps with tightening the skin and prevents sagging facial muscles. The vitamin C helps to even out complexion discoloration, stabilizes collagen and repairs damaged skin cells. And the Vitamin E helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. All of this can create amazing facial spa treatments.

With my degree in science and math as well as my masters degree in Nursing I have been very passionate about studying, creating, and testing my own products that I have used myself and with the addition of the Moringa I am stoked and extremely excited to share with all of you this new found line of facial treatment products that we as Mind Body Soul Med are preparing to launch!!

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