Why did I choose to make facial products?

Hello Friends,

We are so excited to have so many natural products to nourish and renew our skin available for purchase. When I began to look for products that would help my clients have the best skin that they can possibly have I was so disappointed. Most products had lots of ingredients that were hard to pronounce and unnatural...so I chose to use ingredients that I KNOW were really good for our skin, put them in essential products, and create a line of products that are amazing for our skin.

In my spa I end most facials with a chilled lavender chamomile tea mask to close the pores and to infuse the amazing antioxidants and benefits of this tea into the skin before those pores are closed. Knowing how amazing that Lavender Chamomile tea is for the skin I chose to make all my facial lotions with this tea. I then took a low comedogenic oil called grapeseed oil and added that to the ingredients. The low comedogenic oils do not clog pores and therefore are great for acne prone clients. This is the base of my facial lotions. It has been a hit. Acne prone clients use the facial lotion that has tea tree added and my citrus and tea has orange added to give it a special tingle and scent.

I also have serums that are essential in keeping our skin healthy, wrinkle free, bright and with a beautiful even tone. These include Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, and Retinol A serums. We take the intense eye serum and ensure it has ingredients in it that are high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera. This is wonderful for bags, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eye. I am so happy with the results on me….I will put a before and after pic of me that is pretty mind blowing especially after only 3 months of using these products.

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